UI Boot Camp 2020 by Astound Commerce

Якщо любиш дизайн, є кльова нагода прокачати свої скіли, та можливо отримати роботу!

Are you tired enough of the colorful designs, online visual works in bad quality and “50 shades of grey” in Apps and on the web-sites?

Do you firmly believe you can do better than Banksy, Andy Warhol, but only in design for e-commerce stores?

Do you want to create astounding content for sub-brands of L’Oreal, visualization for Under Armour Application or to redesign Jimmy Choo online store?

Sign up for UI Boot Camp, go through the selection process and start your journey in IT with interface design in just two months (!)

This year for the first time Astound Commerce announces the User Interface Design program in Chernihiv. 

Don’t lose your chance to gain practical knowledge, meet experienced UI-designers and join the team of the international leader of e-commerce solutions – Astound Commerce. 

⏰ Registration – https://astnd.co/2JATbT6